The Great Driver

On sunday morning, two brothers were talked about Moto gp race last night. They commented Valentino Rossi action in the last corner to get the 1st champ.

Brother 1 (B1) : last night was insane bro. Its like Vale didn’t have fear at all.

Brother 2 (B2) : Right ! My heart was pounding so fast when Vale overtaked Marquez. Its Godlike skill.

B1 : Yeah, totally insane !

Grandpa who hear the two talked loudly, slowly approaching them.

Grandpa : Emhh… what vale did last night was ordinary to me…

B2 : wait, what ??

Grandpa : Yeah thats overtake its easy peasy son.

B1 : no way, he cornering at 150mph speed. If any single thing going outside to the plan, then “boom !”

Grandpa : Nah… I even can do more than that. I can cornering with my hand tied off on my back

B2 : How can you do that ?? Thats impossible !

Grandpa : ofcourse I can. I just sit behind the driver 
B1 & B2 : 😑😑😑


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